Yamen Sader

Chief Technology Officer
+61 416 055 710

Yamen Sader is a hands-on technologist and engineering leader with over two decades of repeated success in delivering practical, effective, and strategically aligned outcomes. He has excelled directly as a startup founder as well as delivered high-scale solutions in intricate sectors like fintech and government identity. 

Yamen co-founded Sixtree, a team of specialists who provided core engineering solutions to enterprises navigating digital transformation. The success of Sixtree led to it joining with Deloitte, forming the Platform Engineering team. The new team was highly successful, growing tenfold within five years, with extremely high talent retention.

As Partner at Deloitte, Yamen led many complex initiatives including the state Government’s digital identity and services initiative, a new Buy Now Pay Later launch, a Banking as a Service platform and the digitisation of the state’s pathology services.

Yamen co-founded Lab Eleven to help realize the massive potential of the latest generation of blockchain technologies. Lab Eleven provides engineering capital to visionary teams on the Solana blockchain.

As CTO at CFX Labs, Yamen has led the development of the world's fastest stablecoin network, supported by an enterprise-grade API platform and direct consumer facing applications.

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