Chris Sillari

Chief Legal Officer & Chief Compliance Officer
+1 708-320-1492

Chris Sillari is an experienced licensed attorney currently serving as the Chief Legal Officer and Chief Compliance Officer of CFX Labs. He is responsible for overseeing regulatory compliance, licensing acquisitions and strategy, contributing to product design elements, and navigating the company’s internal legal matters through this nascent industry.

Prior to CFX Labs, Chris spent 15+ years in private practice at a midsize firm in San Diego, where he was a Partner at the firm advising clients on complex federal and state regulatory matters, risk management approaches, and general business operations strategies. As the crypto industry was born, Chris was an early adopter, user, and advisor in the technology—his fascination in the interplay between tech, finance, and the existing legal frameworks led him to jump into the business side of the emerging market.

As the CLO and CCO of CFX Labs, Chris works closely with the company’s executives and cross-functional teams on overall company strategy in light of the ever-changing regulatory landscape within the U.S. and internationally. Chris is responsible for building out the company’s external legal team and compliance channels, and maintains strong relationships with regulators, advisors, industry insiders, and associations, ensuring that the company is well-positioned to adapt to regulatory changes and industry trends. His knowledge in fintech, P2P payments, and digital wallets enables him to stay ahead of the curve and proactively manage regulatory risks. Chris also develops and implements the company’s product terms and policies, and its internal policies, procedures, and training programs, to manage and mitigate regulatory risks. He is responsible for monitoring compliance under applicable regulations, banking and vendor obligations, and industry guidelines, and regularly provides recommendations and legal analysis to CFX’s CEO and Board of Directors.

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