Nick Cavet

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Nick Cavet is a seasoned strategic growth executive whose innovative vision for CFX Labs secured $9.6 million in Series Pre-seed and Seed venture capital. Nick is uniquely poised to grow CFX into a world-class brand and recognized global payment network. 

As Head of Growth at Sila, Nick vetted the top one hundred plus fintech companies and was the key strategist behind Moonpay’s hockey stick growth. He is acutely aware of the complex entanglement among traditional finance, ledger technology, the U.S. banking systems, and money movement compliance. With this expertise, Nick is ambitiously working to disrupt the old guard by building a faster and more efficient payment rail that embraces new technologies while focusing on compliance and key U.S. monetary and banking priorities.

During his tenure with VSA Partners, Nick successfully delivered large scale shopper marketing strategies at companies including Google, Nike, IBM, Kraft Heniz.  He led the strategic development of award winning digital marketing programs at 360i for Kraft Cheese, Philadelphia, Cracker Barrel and Hot Wheels, and built the global sales and distribution as CMO at Capture Media for the likes of Time Inc, TelePictures, Warner Bros, ABC.

As the CEO of CFX Labs, Nick has assembled a global team of seasoned engineers from prestigious organizations such as Deloitte Australia and the Bank of International Settlements. His team of experts is building a proprietary multi-currency digital asset protocol to facilitate new global remittance rails that are safer, faster, and cheaper for the global market.

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