A deliberate and measured approach to moving slow, so you can move fast

We've spoken with, listened to, and elicited feedback from thousands of prospective customers at various layers in the economic layer cake. From infrastructure, to middleware, to app publishers. Money movement plays a critical role and is the key difference between success and failure.

Today's experiences are antiquated: the speed is slow and the cost is high. Many of the current market participants are more than twenty years old and exist merely because there are no superior alternatives in the marketplace. 

We partner with emerging brands and established leaders to monetize the movement of money in a way that not only benefits founding team members but the individuals they service in their ecosystems.

  • 2021
    The year CFX was founded.
  • one billion
    Our target network reach by 2024
  • 18
    Stakeholders and Employees
  • 100
    Worldwide digital payments market

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If you're not early, you're late.
“Inspired by Vanguard and U.S. Credit Unions, co-operatives lower costs, enhance safety, and advance economic prosperity for the fabric of society. ”
Nick Cavet — CFX Labs Co-Founder and CEO