The Nexus of Fintech Innovation: Dubai Future Forum 2023

The Dubai Future Forum, slated for November 27-28 at the Museum of the Future, will gather global leaders, including Matt Dixon, CFX's Co-Founder & CRO, who will discuss the transformative potential of technologies like web3, blockchain, and AI in the financial industry, with a focus on CFX's MoveMoney™ as a zero-fee embedded wallet technology. The event aims to promote trade partnerships, foster economic and societal impact, and catalyze change for a sustainable technological future.

From its inception, the Dubai Future Forum has been a testament to the ever evolving future of FinTech.  According to Khalfan Belhoul, CEO of the Dubai Future Foundation, the second edition of this groundbreaking event will entail “comprehensive and diverse discussions, strengthening international partnerships and enhancing their positive impact”. An intersection of transformative ideas, the forum aims to dive deep into the power of current technologies such as web3, blockchain and AI. Slated to take place November 27-28 at the Museum of the Future in Dubai, the Dubai Future Forum is expected to be attended by the world’s top futurists, thought leaders, industry experts, and best-in-class entrepreneurs.

Joining the highly anticipated lineup of keynotes and speakers is Matt Dixon, co-founder & CRO of CFX Labs. Matt, a Chartered Financial Risk Manager (CFRM) and  member of the CFA NY Quant Investing Committee, was invited to speak about “FinTech 3.0: A Blueprint for the Web 3 Digital Economy”. 

He will touch on strategies employed by institutions to power web3 and its effects on the financial and banking economy, as well as its perceived consumer value in the coming years. Matt’s stellar background started at Lehman Brothers as a desk quant in structured credit trading. He conducted Department of Defense-funded research during his time as a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering in Stanford University. He then authored the Machine Learning in Finance textbook and several Journal papers on algorithms and models for machine learning, blockchain-based technologies with applications in fintech. In 2021, he was named RISK Magazine's Buy-side Quant of the Year in 2022, the most prestigious award for a quant in the finance industry

Positioned to dominate the future of cross border payments and accessible financial services, CFX’s first product, MoveMoney™ is a zero-fee embedded wallet technology which showcases everything exciting about the future of peer to peer transfers. The launch of CFX’s MoveMoney™ is the springboard for their commitment to creating a more secure, low cost global payments infrastructure.  

More than collaborating with industry experts, The Dubai Future Forum is an avenue to promote the product and a good place to start fostering trade partnerships and improve relationships with like-minded entrepreneurs. The potential success of the forum relies on its economic and societal impact. From environmental issues to global financial challenges, futurists and FinTech game changers will work together to create a more sustainable technological future for generations to come with emphasis on vertical integration and expert collaboration. The discussions will pave way to even bigger questions– questions that may directly impact the way consumers and businesses interact in the digital world. 

For visionaries, businesses, and other stakeholders, the Dubai Future Forum is an exceptional opportunity to learn, collaborate, and catalyze change not just in FinTech, but across the economic landscape.

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