Nick Cavet, CFX Labs CEO and Co-Founder, to Join Coinbase and CBOE Execs at Paul Hastings Summit

Nick Cavet, Co-Founder & CEO of CFX Labs, will be a featured panelist at the Paul Hastings Crypto Derivatives & Market Infrastructure Summit on October 10 in Chicago. Joining Nick as co-panelists are Jane Downey, Chief Regulatory Officer at Coinbase and Ian Frieves, Head of Product and Strategy at CBOE. The panel will be sharing ideas and experiences in the fintech sector, including the development of a multi-currency digital asset protocol and securing venture capital.

The fintech industry is abuzz with the upcoming Paul Hastings Crypto Derivatives & Market Infrastructure Summit: a confluence of thought leaders, innovators, and pioneers in financial technology. We are thrilled to announce that Nick Cavet, Co-Founder & CEO of CFX Labs, will be joining fintech thought leaders Jane Downey, Chief Regulatory Officer at Coinbase and Ian Frieves, Head of Product and Strategy at CBOE, to share perspectives on the intersection of traditional finance and blockchain technology. 

The Paul Hastings Summit is a pivotal platform where expert panel discussions dissect, discuss, and shape the future of financial technology. This highly esteemed panel, with their eclectic knowledge of ledger technology, U.S. banking systems, and money movement compliance, will delve into discussions that promise to be both enlightening and thought-provoking around the future of global payment infrastructure.

As a panelist, Nick brings an array of experience to the table. From spearheading growth strategies at Sila, to growing CFX Labs, Nick’s tenure has been marked by innovation, strategic foresight, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Under Nick’s leadership, CFX Labs secured $9.6 million in Series Pre-seed and Seed venture capital, paving the way for the development of groundbreaking fintech solutions that are not no longer bound by traditional constraints and geographical limitations.

The CFX Labs team, comprised of seasoned engineers from globally recognized organizations, is developing a proprietary multi-currency digital asset protocol. This innovation aims to reshape the digital dollar and cash settlement process with purpose-built technology, strategic partnerships, impeccable market timing, and seamless regulatory compliance. Our first product line establishes new global remittance rails which promise safety, speed, and cost-effectiveness in financial transactions across the globe.

CFX Labs continues to carve its niche amongst global payment networks. Events like Paul Hastings' provide a platform for financial strategy experts to share, learn, and collaborate, fostering an environment where ideas can germinate and shape the future. CFX Labs, with its innovative solutions and a team of experts, is not just participating in the global fintech dialogue but is actively contributing to shaping its trajectory.

As we prepare for an event that promises to be an eclectic melting pot of ideas, we invite you to join CFX Labs on this journey. Stay tuned for updates, insights, and key takeaways from Nick’s participation in “Building the Bridge to Tradi: the intersection of traditional finance and blockchain”. These discussions will undoubtedly shape the future of fintech.

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