The next evolution in
money movement.

Issue P2P digital cash and earn 4.4% yield* on the first ultra-fast, bank-grade, blockchain network for borderless payments.

It's fast

Send, receive, and settle real world payments in 60 seconds. Even when U.S. banks are closed.

It's simple

Reduce implementation by 18+ months with 100+ local real-time local payment networks.

It's secure

Bank-grade blockchain security and embedded compliance ensure every transaction arrives safely.


Earn 4.4% yield* on user balances.

Power your Web 2/3 app user ecosystem with USD balances and global peer-to-peer transfer capabilities.

Build with the benefits
of cash on-chain.

Composable solutions for Web 2 veterans and Web 3 mavericks

4.4% Yield

Earn passive income on user account wallets.

FDIC-Insured USD

Deposit account secured by member banks.

Global USD

Hold, send, and spend tokenized USD globally.

Effortless P2P Payments

Enable in-app peer-to-peer transactions.

Extensive Retail Cash Network

Load wallets at 20,000+ grocery, drug, and convenience store locations.

Micro-Fee FX Conversion

Save on fees, skip the middleman.

USDC/T Monetization

Automated non-custodial conversion on leading blockchains.

1:1 USD Redemption

Redeem USD T+1 via wire, ach and RTP

Instant KYC Onboarding

Quickly verify millions of users with your existing provider


Experience social finance with $5 on us.

Discover—a live application of seamless digital cash flow. Onboard effortlessly, issue, and transfer funds from the US direct to Mercado Pago, Spin by OXXO, or any Mexican bank via SPEI instantly. Test our system with a cash deposit at leading retailers like CVS, Walmart, Walgreens, Kroger, and Dollar General, or deposit using USDC.SOL from Coinbase and Kraken.

Cash to Wallet

Open nights and weekends with 6x as many locations as the #1 bank in the United States.

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"We work this CFX because they
enable us to expand without limits."
LATAM Payment Processor - 18M Users Monthly
"We work this CFX because they
enable us to expand without limits."
LATAM Payment Processor - 18M Users Monthly

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